Baby Clothing Sets + Tips for new parents

As all parents know the baby has needs that are a higher priority and need to be taking care of, like clothing and if you are a just becoming a parent you found the perfect place to get help. I will introduce to some must-have for a baby to be comfy, safe and looking ever cuter doing so.

When you become a parent you suddenly are not the center of the attention and won’t be anymore. You and your partner must take care of the best new thing in your life and dressing him/her is just one part. When they are too small it is good to not let many contacts with people for the reason that the infant immune system is too weak and outsiders can bring unintentionally an infection. At start, you begin to bond as a family by getting in touch with the baby skin to skin, but don’t shake just be gentle, you can play with his feet, the father can get to touch him/her when breastfeeding this will bring the bond in the entire family because this helps the emotional growth of the baby. Babies love vocal sounds like talking, babbling, singing and listening to music. Be wary some babies can be unusually sensitive to touch, light, or sound, and might startle and cry easily, sleep less than expected, or turn their faces away when someone speaks or sings to them. If that’s the case with your baby, keep noise and light levels low to moderate.

And now after the tips, I would like to present to you some different clothes the baby needs.

Onesies – Bodysuits

Infant bodysuits—aka onesies—are must-haves for your newborn’s wardrobe. They’re a go-to shower gift, but it’s a good idea to have varying sizes on hand, so you can keep pace with your quickly growing baby. Plus, with infants going through as many as four or five clean ones in a day, you can practically never have enough. Those cute little flaps on the shoulders actually serve a vital purpose: After a major diaper leak, they let you pull the bodysuit down over baby’s torso and legs instead of up over the head for a more sanitary outfit change. Here are some you can look at :


T-Shirts are too needed for your baby when it gets more than 3 mounts old. You need to have a lot because the baby still makes a mess and need to be changed. So keeping a good wardrobe of shirts can make your life easier. Here are some suggestions:


As said babies don’t have a good immune system so as parents you need to make them warm. All parts from the body must be covered and of course, the feet are very important, you don’t want to leave your baby cold. Here are some suggestions:


A must-have when you feed your child to keep him/her clean and when they are just born the babies don’t know to swallow their saliva and this too can make a mess. In time, they learn but you need to have bibs they will help you. Here are some suggestions:

Basic clothing for newborn

Those are some clothes that a newborn to 1-year-old baby needs, of course, there is much more but those are the required. You can still choose a variety of accessories for the different seasons like hats, gloves when he/she grows up jackets, shoes, hoodies and much more.

The material used in the links is all organic and safely made for babies.

With this, I come to closure and want to say have a good day and enjoy the upcoming topics. You can ask questions about the topic in the comments below.

Mother son bonding activities – become a strong family

Here are some fun mother and son bonding activities that will help your boy to become a strong and independent man and by sharing moments together you become part of the character that he will become. Being a mother to a boy is not hard if you spend time whit him and I will tell you some ways to help him get life traits that you can be part of.

Forest/park walks

There is nothing better than fresh air, green view of trees and flowers, blue sky, animals that catch the eyes like squirrels, birds even insects like butterflies, etc. It is really relaxing for you and for young boys who like all child like to watch its a perfect place to make him waste his daily energy by interacting with nature. To run, climb, walk, throw rocks, stick and the most important it will form questions and guess who he will ask for answers? Of course you as a parent and when you answer those easy for your questions it will make him happy and more trustworthy for you. You can have a snack in the peace and quiet to the singing of the birds, and even made up games like to throw a rock at a circle in the dirt, it sounds really lame but kids love this kind of simple games, because boys are more competitive and every game is a challenge so they will play to win at all cost and of course you as a parent can let them win to boost the ego a little bit but don’t let them win every time you must still have control as a parent its still a kid.

Watching movies

If you are more of a movie mom you can go together to watch a movie. Even children movies are good to articulate great pieces of information and with this information, you can ask questions your boy and try to explain the situations in a more mature way so his brain can start articulating the situations and finding more coherent answers in a real-life similar situation. Also again you show your dominance as a parent and the need the child has for you as the intellectual level is a part that kids look for in a life model, that is why they are so curious all the time, they are testing to see how you react and if you make a mistake they can use this to show dominance if they want something and to have a bad child is not good. So watch how he reacts to scenes in the movie and ask him what he thinks of that same part.

Play board games

You can get a good board game, there are so many now and play together. This again will help with his competition characteristics but if you chose a good team playing one he will learn to share which is a really good trait as well. When he learned to share with you is sure that he will do it with other boys his age. This leads to more friends because “sharing is caring”, and more friends means that his social skill will improve. Then you can ask him questions on the game because he will have a big interest in it, who won, how do you get along with the others, do they like the stay and want to come again, can I help you to improve your game if he lost and etc.

Go to a book store

This is my favorite. Just go to a book store and look for something he will like and get it to him. If he like a book and start reading he will get so many benefits I can’t imagine. Reading is the best way to learn new information that includes, situations, words, it helps imagination, the brain thinks best whit stories, his passion for learning, helping him to make his own decisions(independence). As hard it sounds you don’t need to help all the time to your kid, let him be independent so he will have an easier time in life, if you care too much for him you will overprotect him and is not good for the growing up aspect. Let him chose the literature he wants, to dress up alone, wash up alone, make the table ready for dinner, to take out the garbage, to make his homework alone. And I don’t mean this in a bad way but this is to protect him from laziness and if something bad happens when he is big enough he will need to face the problems and solve them and not call for you to help him. And if you are scared for the sharing aspect don’t be if you make him love books he will share the emotions they gave him with you so this will help in the long run too. If he doesn’t like bookstores you can start reading to him and then give him a book for a present and he will start reading with you.

Overprotective mother(evil mother)

Well, it sounds bad and it is!

Don’t treat your boy like a father a teenage girl! You can’t change the fact that life is full of problems that need solving, but if you solve them urself he will not learn to articulate them and will become too dependent and you want him to be independent. Boys like problems they give the life meaning it is part of becoming a man, what kind of a man if he can’t stare, think and solve life problems and become a better person with every single day. By bonding I mean just talk with him sharing is important too but as you like a space for yourself where you have your husband to help with your problems, the same as for the boy who if you share when he needs you he will come ask for help and learn that way.

I want to thank you for the reading and hope my knowledge helps for better family bond and be good and well.