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When babies grow up they are very curious about everything surrounding them and you as a parent need to explain to them how to act in a given situation. So the best way to do that is to let them interact with the objects and talk to them in a normal to understand way. Don’t get mad if they make a mistake they don’t know better, other ways to interact whit them is trough stories. If you can’t make up good stories because of homework or job it’s ok there are writers who make baby stories so you can have a good bonding time whit your kid reading to them and adding a good foundation for the future good and solid relationship. When they are infants they interact with eyes and ears, that means they watch and hear what you are doing and when they grow up they know what to do. There is no negative part in reading to your infant but the positives are many:

When you talk to them they learn how to communicate faster than if you don’t read to them. This is because you use more words, doing so the infant is too learning more words.

If you are more congruent(in agreement or harmony, using gestures when talking), you will introduce colors, numbers, letters, shapes more easily, and making learning to communicate even easier when it is at age of 1 and above.
It helps the memory process.By the time babies reach their first birthday, they will have learned all the sounds needed to speak their native language. The more stories you read aloud, the more words your baby will hear and the better they’ll be able to talk. Hearing words helps to build a rich network of words in a baby’s brain. Kids whose parents talk and read to them often know more words by age 2 than children who have not been read to. And kids who are read to during their early years are more likely to learn to read at the right time.

Infants in 3 to 6-month range

At this stage, they can’t understand what words mean and even the picture is something new they have never seen. They can start to chew, trow, hold the book so you must give them sturdy vinyl or cloth book. When they get used to the books they will start to focus on the pictures and the colors.

Infants in 6 to 12-month range

Your infant starts to understand that pictures represent objects, and may start to show that they like certain pictures, pages, or even entire stories better than others. Your infant will respond while you read, grabbing for the book and making sounds. You can start making strange noises like animal noises to represent them when reading, this will help whit recognizing certain animals whit noise. By 12 months, your little one will turn pages (with some help from you) or start to point to objects on a page, and repeat your sounds. Now that they know some words interacting with them becomes even more fun. The reason is that the bond you build is paying off and the child wants to communicate even more. Now they start to learn to use gestures to point out what they are interested in, also it helps to focus on things that other people focus on.

Infants in 12 to 24-month range

Now you can begin to introduce books with a sentence or two per page. The sillier you are while acting out the story, the better. For instance, if you’re reading about animals, make animal noises, your baby will think it’s really funny. You can start showing more pictures of objects that the infant has never seen, like pictures of cars, bicycles, animals, fruits, etc. By showing them the pictures they can start remembering and if you ask what is this they can tell you its a blue car. Many toddlers find the familiar routine of reading reassuring and calming. The same goes for familiar books. This helps explain why, starting at about 18 months, children may ask for the same book over and over and over. However, this dogged repetition has a learning benefit that they try to make sense of it and remember the words.

Love and care for future glare

Reading to infants is really important for making them learn faster so they can grow more social and interactive. You must spent time whit them in order to help them develop like a responsible and ambitious human being. I hope this article helped you and at the bottom of this page you can look at some infants books, if you have interest you can spend time looking at them.

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA

Everything Is Mama

MAMA and DADA Boxed Set

Dad Can Do Anything

Peek-A-Boo Forest, Fun Interactive Baby Book with Inspiring Rhymes and Stories

Just like the animals

Counting Animals Soft Book

Those are just a litle part of what you can chose but will give your infant a flying start in life and that is what we all want to be progressive in life.

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  1. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of reading to your children once you get caught up from life, work etc. Thanks for this article that reminded me to read to my daughter every night without excuse. I’ll step by here again to remain updated.

  2. very nice post, really enjoyed reading it and being taken back to when my children were that age. One thing I did notice was misspelled word in the paragraphs. I would go back in to your to the site manager and go to the site content and do a spell check and then update it. We spell check every post or page we put into our webpage and it works really well. Keep up the great work
    Dwight & Sheryl

  3. It is very easy for one to forget the importance of reading to your kid. I don’t have a kid but I have a kid sister I love so much. Many times I forget to do the things I’m supposed to do for her. I enjoyed reading how important it is to read to them. You have also laid out how to read to them and what to. Thank you for those recommended books there. I’ll get some for her and see how intelligent and social it helps her grow. Best regards!

  4. Well said. My son exhibited all of those traits when he was between the 3rd -6th month. But now that he is around the 7th month, he still exhibits the traits of eating the book. So, I’m yet to stop giving him clothes book. But truly, he has started to pay very minute attention to objects in the book. I never knew I needed to help him by making sounds of the animals and objects so he can learn much better. I’d surely start to inculcate that in our readings. However, I will bookmark this article through the the 24months period. This has got some very vital Pont’s that would help over time. Thanks

  5. Thank you for this great post.

    It’s so true, interacting with young children early makes a big difference in their development.

    I’m familiar with talking, reading and so on but it never occurred to me that it’s more than just vocal that can be done.  Visual stimulation, such as hand and arm movements, images and so on are just as important.  Reading a book and sharing the images helps the child to associate words with objects.

    I appreciate the list of recommendations.

    Thanks again,


  6. Thanks for sharing such an important and informative post about the best books for infants with us. It is really a very inquisitive article. By reading your post it is very clear to me that reading to infants is really very essential for making them learn faster and growing brain development.  so they can grow more social.. You have have shared some very important information for parents to take care of their children. 

    Thanks again. I’ll definitely share this post with my friends and family so that they also can get the information. 

  7. The baby books you suggested are quite interesting. I’m pretty sure it has great content for babies. With all honesty, I firmly agree with you that parents should read books to their babies as early as possible. It develops visual and auditory learning. 

    I remember the cloth book that was gifted to my son. It has different colors and shapes per page. Babies react to colors black, white and red that’s why it’s a great visual exercise to have them look at it. For me, reading a book to your child is one of the best bonding a parent can give. It’s an activity that is full of affection and learning. Thank you for sharing the benefits of reading. With this valuable, it will surely help a lot of new moms and dads .

  8. This is a really great review. Many times I would Always procrastinate when I’m supposed to read to my daughter before sleeping at night and this review would really be a great turn taking for me because I have learnt how important it is to read to my daughters. This is a really educating review which has also given me a good guide on how changes come in reading as they grow. Thanks for this helpful article.

  9. Hi Stefan;

    I love what you said in the 12-24 month range about making the animal noises. Even though our son is grown up now, I have wonderful memories of doing that with a couple of his favorite books when he was around that age. One was actually a song and he would try to clap hands and sing along, too.

    He works at a daycare now with toddlers and does the same kind of things for the children there. Maybe what we did helped him develop that love of reading and sharing books.

    I like the selection of books you shared. I might get a couple of them for our son to share with his daycare group.

    Thanks! :-)

  10. Hi! Thank you for putting this list together. Reading is very important for me and I’m also concerned about our kids. I’d like them to pick up the reading habit very early in their life. And there isn’t a better way than reading to them. I’ll check out these titles. I have already had in my hands a couple of them and they were really good. (Lamaze’s Peek-A-Boo Forest and Counting Animals Soft Book).

  11. This article you have created is very helpful. It gives me information on each stage of what i should expect when it comes to infant reading. In the past i had some troubles but the information provide really helped be alot. If you were to add pictures and some videos it would help better to understand the topic and would generally catch my eye more

  12. Thanks so much for this wonderful content, I think this will send a big message to all who allow work to get in the way of family, reading to infants is a sure and fast way to make them learn as it aids their assimilation and make them familiar with things. I think picture or objects to is another good way to learn for kids and infants. 

    1. Yeah you have good point and I agree, pictures and objects are too a good way to make our kids grow to be better than us :)

  13. I feel that books with pictures and the associated sounds made by the parent/guardian for each of the images would be very beneficial to a small child, especially in the 3 month to one year range. Babies are trying to learn so much information quickly and its essential for their early cognitive growth to be nurtured in the correct way. Through reading and sound association as you have detailed, it sets up the child on the right path cognitively. Great post!

  14. I feel that reading is so important even at this young age. I was never much of a reader myself but I made sure my daughters were.
    Now that I have an 8 month old grandson, we all are making sure we expose him to many pictures and books.
    It’s amazing to see his face even if right now it’s just the pictures that he sees and the colors in them.
    I used to design displays for books and would always bring them home. I hope my grandson enjoys them just the same.

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