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I was raised in a small village in Bulgaria who no one heard whit a population of 700 people. When I was young I had a few friends like everyone and we made all kind of games to lose some time and explore our creativity. Because we lived in a poor country at that time we had nothing else to do.

The lack of thing to do made us think different games:

  • Card games – we used our imagination to create monsters on cards and made out skills from 1 to 6 from a dice and a made up map to navigate in.
  • Tv-shows – we played TV shows in real life making our own using the rules on TV.
  • Lamadi – this is a really cool game where you cut a piece of fat rubber around 2cm at any form you like, you make two lines in 10 meters one of another in a form of a rectangle and in one end you make a circle inside the rectangle. Then we each place something to bet in the circle( we used caps because we didn’t have money, for the best :) ), and then we trow from the line whit the circle to the other line. Whoever is closest to the line goes first. We go to the other side away from the circle and trow again in order. The point is to hit the caps whit you “lamada”(rubber weapon), outside of the circle, all that you cleared you take for yourself and then we start to play again.

This were really priceless years who I look whit a smile on my face. Later I went to school in a city called Stara Zagora where I met really nice and cool classmates and people and again we played in the form of sport but the toys were there. We got football balls and went to play after school in school we played volleyball, basketball and were surrounded by toys and not giving attention how much the gave us.

Now I’m mature and don’t play whit toys but they still make me happy when I see a child playing whit something it is just amazing!

Helping parents find the perfect toy

Here you can find new and updated toys and ideas for gifts. All you need to do is giving the feeling you I and everyone felt when he/she was young.

If you ever need a hand or have a questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Stefan Ivanov 

Founder of Crocky Toys.

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